Thief Takes Picture From Stolen iMac which is Automatically Uploaded to Flickr

From Boing Boing:

Last week a number of computers were stolen from our office in Vancouver, BC. One of those computers was a shared iMac with Flickrbooth, an app that automatically uploads photo booth shots to our flickr account, installed on it. Just this morning a friend called to tell us that there are photos of whoever has the computer now in our flickr stream! Obviously the guy didn’t know he was uploading images of himself and his awesome tattoos.

Be sure to read the comments on the Flickr page.


From the Vancouver Sun:

A man who attained instant infamy by unwittingly using a stolen computer to upload a shirtless self-portrait to the Internet has turned the machine over to police in Victoria.
The tattooed man, whose photo has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times around the world and who suddenly found himself famous from Iceland to Brazil, walked into the Victoria police station with the stolen machine at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, said gt. Colin Brown.
The man also contacted Global BC on Tuesday, telling the station he did not know the computer was stolen and that he had bought it from a friend who had bought it from someone else.
At – a popular website where the photo surfaced on Monday – people were viewing the photo at a rate of about 90 hits per minute. By late Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 217,000 times.
“It’s pretty much worldwide. It’s kind of hit everyone’s radar,” said Dane Brown, manager of Workspace.
“This is all I’ve dealt with for the last two days, is calls and e-mails about this,” he added.
In Victoria, Brown would not give the tattooed man’s name.
“He wouldn’t say anything,” he told The Vancouver Sun in an interview. “He came in with his lawyer.”
Brown said the man was “known to police.” He added that while no charges were laid on Tuesday, the matter is “certainly under investigation.”
Brown said the man’s lawyer apparently saw the shirtless picture in a Victoria newspaper Tuesday and alerted his client.

  • E-Zinger

    Didn’t you have an entry a few months back about this guy who progammed his laptop’s cam to takje a picture on start-up and upload it automatically to a website specifically as an anti-theft deterent?

    As I recall, it was some sort of Java app, and his advice was “make sure you’re wearing pants …”

  • AeC

    I look at that picture and all I see is the father from The Wonder Years.

  • dogs beard

    henry rollins is looking ok for his age, too bad he’s turned to stealing from school kids.

  • Debbe

    We have a Comcast commercial running in our area showing a guy with tiger-stripe tattoos, and I SWEAR this idjit looks like the commercial dude… separated at birth?!?

  • Nothing says cool like a bitching H.R. Giger alien tat on your arm.

    He looks a bit like Sam from the Lord of the Rings.