Not Quite Back Yet

At the moment I’m sitting in a terminal at McCarran airport enjoying the free wifi. It pisses me off that Logan airport makes you pay ridiculous rates for wifi while Vegas gives it away for free. Perhaps if they allowed slots in Logan….

I miscalculated the time that we needed to get to the airport so have about 3 hours to kill before the red eye takes us back East. I’m always at a loss for estimating how long it will take to check in, go through security, etc. And then trying to figure out what TSA will object to is always a fun guessing game. I had a debate with Mrs. C whether the filling in the Krispy Kreme donuts I packed would be allowed through security (I smuggled them in!) And apparently OJ Simpson is also taking a night flight from McCarran. Luckily I don’t have any sports memorabilia on me so I should be safe.

Vegas was Vegas. You either love it or hate it. (Guess where I line up on that debate?) The great thing for a Vegas trip for me is that I manage to isolate myself from the outside world. Very little internet, news, sunlight… For someone who spends most of the day surfing hundreds of sites a day, it can be a nice break. In fact, I only just checked the news this morning. Faux news was repeating two stories. OJ making bail and leaving jail was the main story and every once in a while they would cut away to talk about some college student who was tasered at the John Kerry talk. (From the looks of it, I have no problem with the student being arrested for resisting arrest. However, the police seem to be a bit too taser happy of late. He was surrounded by half a dozen cops, was juicing him really necessary?) I’m assuming from the lack of coverage that the war in Iraq is finally over.

For the other OJ news, I wasn’t at the Palms when he was arrested. We actually were going to the Palms that day but at the last second decided to have brunch at the Wynn (Tableau). Brunch was fine but seeing OJ carted off would have been a better story. Especially since the media is already gearing up for the Trial of the Century part deux.

We’re off to grab some dinner while waiting. Blogging will resume sometime tomorrow. It will take me a few days to get back up to speed. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting in my absence. If you sent me email it may take me a day or two to catch up to it.