1. 38, says I’m 23 and will hit 90.
    The 90 part doesn’t surprise me as I have one living grandparent who is 95, another passed at 92, another at 86 and great aunts/uncles who were 100+. But I don’t feel 23 that’s for sure, too many morning aches.

  2. I’m 36, but it says 22.3 and I will live to 87.7. But, I’m with Flaming Atheist in that I sure don’t feel that young. My joints hurt in the morning. Maybe I just have another 50 years of progressively worse knee pain to look forward to.

  3. LOL I am 26, not 12.6. I think there is a flaw in this test if everyone’s age is coming up so young. I would believe 12.6 on an IQ test, but not an age test. A hard drinker like me should be at least 40.

  4. i’m 27. my real age is apparently 8.3, and i should live to 92.7. my friends used to joke that since i live such an รƒยผber-healthy lifestyle, fate would probably dictate i get hit by a bus in my late 20s. but no worries–i’ve since outlived them all.

    of course, i wonder whether the longevity prediction is in regular years or “real age” years. if it’s real age years, since it takes me 3.3 regular years to age one real year, i should have another 278 regular years left to spend hanging around here. i should really start investing more.

    i think i feel about a vigorous 45.

  5. My chronological age is 54, and this says I’m 44.7 and should live to 86. Not that I didn’t expect these results. No chronic disease on either side of my family, and most everyone lives into their 80s-90s. My mom is 80, my dad 90 (and neither looks or acts those ages); my dad’s dad lived to 96 and his uncle to 103! My mom had several blood relatives live well into their 90s as well. Guess I picked my parents well, huh??

  6. age 26, says I’m 12.8, and will live to 87.2. Some days I feel like I’m 60, some days I feel like I’m 4, so I guess I can’t make much statement either way. Rarely ache in the morning so I guess I’m doing alright.

    I think they should always include a question like “Do you own a 1000cc+ motorcycle?” that automatically puts your life expectancy at whatever you are + 6 months.

  7. yeah. im 32. smoking, coffee only breakfast, irregular meals and sleeping 9+ hours took me easily to 39.
    But then friends, not driving and wearing a seatbelt took me back to 29 (with a life expectancy of 75)

    I ain’t buying this.

  8. I’m 20; says I’m 13 and I’ll be 81.7 when I go. Sounds good to me; just as horny as a typical 13 year-old male anyway…if anyone wanted to know that much…

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