The Yankee Stadium Proposal Prank

With video:

Last week, the kids at College Humor pulled off what we’d have to consider a prank of epic proportions; one guy put a fake marriage proposal on the big screen at Yankee Stadium as his friend, the object of the prank, sat agape with his girlfriend, who, amazingly, said “yes” before he had a chance to alert her to the joke. When we first watched it, it seemed too over-the-top to be real. But we’ve spoken with Amir Blumenfeld, the architect of the prank, and we now can merely salute him. (We think.)

It looks to me like it is staged. The Streeter guy isn’t a very good actor.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


The uniformity of Nature denies the supernatural and demonstrates that there is no interference from without. There is no place, no office left for gods. Ghosts fade from the brain and the shrivelled deities fall palsied from their thrones.

The uniformity of Nature renders a belief in “special providence” impossible. Prayer becomes a useless agitation of the air, and religious ceremonies are but motions, pantomimes, mindless and meaningless.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Myth and Miracle”(1885)