17 Ways To Use Tennis Balls

Besides hitting them:

Many household items have earned a spot in the ultimate do-it-yourself toolbox: duct tape, vinegar, lemon juice, aluminum foil, wire hangers; but there’s one multi-task tool that many people might overlook: the tennis ball.

Yes, that furry yellow orb of happiness is good for a myriad of tasks far beyond its typical role of sitting in the bottom of your closet as a continual reminder of your broken New Year’s resolution to get more exercise. In fact, the common tennis ball might be one of the most versatile and useful tools you never knew you had!

To prove my point, here are 17 helpful tips to make a tennis ball serve you (as opposed to the other way around):


  1. What is it with dogs and tennis balls? I can bring any other kind of ball in this house and my dogs will ignore it. Let me walk in with a can of tennies, and they go berserk, especially after they hear that noise the can makes when I open them! I’ll go to pick one up while I’m cleaning, and everyone goes on point…

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