Father Getting A Glass of Water At Night Finds A Strange Man in Children’s Room

Creepy story from the Baltimore Sun:

Brian Jarrell was heading to his kitchen for a middle-of-the-night glass of water Monday when he noticed a chemical odor seeping from his 9-year-old son’s room. The Dundalk father checked on the boy and a younger daughter also sleeping in the room.

And then he saw a figure hiding behind the door of an armoire.

The man fled, but Jarrell chased him down. Later, he found a rag doused in a chemical, where his son had been sleeping.

“I just got sick,” the father said Wednesday, “because I realized he was after my son.”

Police have charged a 49-year-old man — free since April after spending nearly all of the past three decades in prison — with an attempted sex offense and burglary. And Wednesday police issued an alert to parents and anyone else who might have recently smelled any odd chemicals in their home.

Star Wars Themed Campaign Ad

How has this been around for a year before hitting the intertubes?
He didn’t win the seat on the school board which frees him for the 2008 Presidential campaign.

UPDATE NOV. 8 2006: Well, I didn’t win a seat. But I got 4,648 votes… which is a LOT, all things considered. And I wasn’t that far off from getting a seat either: it was pretty close across the board for the most part. I’m *extremely* happy with how good I did 🙂 This is the first commercial I’ve made during my campaign for Rockingham County (NC) Board of Education. It’s been running on local television and has recently been featured in The New York Times, the Raleigh News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer.