Osama Drives Up to Bush’s Hotel in Australia

Bush is in Australia for Asia-Pacific Economic (APEC) Summit which is costing the Australian government $165(A) million for security alone. That’s an impressive amount of money used for security and one would think it would be nearly impossible for anybody to penetrate it except for perhaps a highly trained terrorist strike force…… Or a comedy team with canadian flags on their car and a member dressed up to be Osama bin Laden:

Members of an Australian TV comedy show, one dressed as Osama bin Laden, drove through two security checkpoints Thursday before being stopped near the Sydney hotel where President Bush is staying during a summit of leaders from Pacific Rim countries.

The stunt embarrassed Sydney police who have imposed the tightest security measures in city history for this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino had few details on the incident, but Australian press reported that 11 members of the comedy troupe “The Chaser’s War on Everything” had been charged with entering a restricted area.

The group staged a faux motorcade, pretending to be the delegation of Canada with one of the comedians dressed as bin Laden, and made it past two police checkpoints before being stopped, reported The Hill.

Cast members hired two motorcycles and three large cars on which they put Canadian flags. Police waved the motorcade through two checkpoints before pulling it over near the Intercontinental Hotel where Mr. Bush is staying.