Out Sick

The cold has now made its way to my sinuses where it’s having a grand old time. I went to the pharmacy yesterday and bought some Sudafed. And not the fake sudafed that you can buy in the cold medicine aisle but the real stuff that you have to fill out paperwork to get and hand over your license where you go into a database of suspected meth dealers. But I don’t care. I’ve got my sweet, sweet pseudoephedrine hydrochloride goddamnit, and I am feeling good. Blogging will resume after daytime tv puts me on the brink of suicide.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


In every country this average man is taught, first, that
there is a supreme being; second, that he has made known his will;
third, that he will reward the true believer; fourth, that he will
punish the unbeliever, the scoffer, and the blasphemer; fifth, that
certain ceremonies are pleasing to this god; sixth, that he has
established a church; and seventh, that priests are his
representatives on earth. And the average man has no difficulty in
determining that the God of his nation is the true God; that the
will of this true God is contained in the sacred scriptures of his
nation; that he is one of the true believers, and that the people
of other nations — that is, believing other religions — are
scoffers; that the only true church is the one to which he belongs;
and that the priests of his country are the only ones who have had
or ever will have the slightest influence with this true God. All
these absurdities to the average man seem self-evident
propositions; and so he holds all other creeds in scorn, and
congratulates himself that he is a favorite of the one true God.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Why I Am Agnostic”