1. Well, most of us still don’t have robots to bring us a drink, but that’s OK. After years of doing it for everyone else, I’m now enjoying my kids bringing my coffee to me.

    And the videophone never caught on for good reason. Who wants to clean up the house and put on makeup just to answer the phone?

  2. I love that no matter the year all future wardrobe seems to revolve around skin-tight jumpsuits. The day that you see average folks wearing skin-tight jumpsuits will be the day I become a millionaire selling eye bleach products.

  3. Ugh, I’m so disappointed in today’s robot technology. The holographic video camera isn’t quite ready for production yet either. They were spot on about most everything else though.

  4. Considering, the wardrobe of the future will consist of drawstring cotton pants with cotton t-shirts, short and long sleeved, and real comfy shoes…

  5. The video phone never panned out? I’d disagree with that. Most cellphones have video capabilities so that you can send videos to other cells via email and there are plenty of real-time webcam chat sites. Maybe not precisely in the format depicted, but we definitely have video communication today.

  6. Well, a video phone may have panned out, but there is something like it: videoconferencing. I’ve used videoconferencing to talk to my dad while he was in Florida awaiting a new liver, so in a way, the video phone has been predicted.

  7. Have to agree about the drink-bringing robot. Don’t think that one really panned out.

    Now, if they had shown a robot doing the vacuuming… (Roomba)

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