Daily Dose of Ingersoll


The Christian does not deem it worth while to read the Koran.
Probably not one Christian in a thousand ever saw a copy of that
book. And yet all Christians are perfectly satisfied that the Koran
is the work of an impostor. No Presbyterian thinks it is worth his
while to examine the religious systems of India; he knows that the
Brahmins are mistaken, and that all their miracles are falsehoods.
No Methodist cares to read the life of Buddha, and no Baptist will
waste his time studying the ethics of Confucius. Christians of
every sort and kind take it for granted that there is only one true
religion, and that all except Christianity are absolutely without
foundation. The Christian world believes that all the prayers of
India are unanswered; that all the sacrifices upon the countless
altars of Egypt, of Greece, and of Rome were without effect. They
believe that all these mighty nations worshiped their gods in vain;
that their priests were deceivers or deceived; that their
ceremonies were wicked or meaningless; that their temples were
built by ignorance and fraud, and that no God heard their songs of
praise, their cries of despair, their words of thankfulness; that
on account of their religion no pestilence was stayed; that the
earthquake and volcano, the flood and storm went on their ways of
death — while the real God looked on and laughed at their
calamities and mocked at their fears.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Why I Am Agnostic”