1. That’s pretty funny. I wish they had found some way to recycle all the students and make it a never-ending flow of high school kids.

    It also looks like class change at any medium to large university.

  2. In New York, they’d have been penned off in orange netting, arrested, charged with Parading without a Permit, and tossed in jail for 24-48 hours without being allowed to see a judge or speak with an attorney.

    Yeah, I guess I am still a little bitter about the ’04 RNC.

  3. you see, your drivers are too polite for italian standards.
    In Italy this video would have never been shot as right after the first 10 students the cars would have made their way through the bodies. Even on zebra crossing… 🙁

  4. Giamaica: cars are very dangerous, and should be considered as weapons. Anyone who forces their car through a group of pedestrians should be charged with assault with a weapon and have their license revoked. I’m not sure if pranks are legal, but hitting someone with a car definitely is not.

  5. So these pea-brains can organize themselves to perform a moronic stunt that inconveniences and pisses people off, but nobody can get them interested enough in organizing to take of things that may be in their best interests, like registering voters, organizing to take care of the poor and disenfranchised in their community, volunteering to make a difference in someone elses life, protesting and lobbying against rising college tuition costs, speaking out against the tired-assed curriculum in their school…again, this is what we are raising and sending out into the world…

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