Learning Modern Kryptonian

Looking to learn a new language?

Here, I must give much acknowledgement and commendation to Al Turniansky for his work on Kryptonian which consisted of an alphabet of 118 characters, and served as a great inspiration for creating a “modern” version of Kryptonian – one based on the transliteration alphabet released by DC Comics in 2000. It is safe to say that without the inspiration of his work I may never have even thought of creating this new version of Kryptonian, and his Kryptonian numbers formed the basis of the modern Kryptonian number and math system, which has turned out to be an interesting and fun project in and of itself. It is with gratitude, respect, and humility that I leave this older (yet neither irrelevant nor outdated) form of the language in his capable hands as I move forward with my own version of Kryptonian.

(via SF Signal)