1. Why would anyone want to think of Paul McCartney as a jerk? As compared to any of the other Beatles in their good and bad moments? Yes, Paul is considered by some as having a giant sized ego! But he spoke well and honestly about George. And just for a moment, put yourself in the place of having to address your feelings publicly. And also, there is a picture of Paul taken right after Lennon’s death showing just how heart broken he was.
    So on the whole, guess Paul is what you might consider as being the consummate showman who works well in the public arena. Who also just happens to have an over inflated ego. lol. And therefore, is not likely to show much public humility. And also, has been considered by some to be rather tight fisted over money, copyright issues, and personal property. But then, you have to remember his upbringing after losing his mother, a nurse. That left his father, a salesman, to support them. Apparently, a lesson he never forgot. lol.
    So, all and all, there would be no Beatles as we know them without Paul. (And I know, the same can be said for the others.) But we all have our favorites. Which from time to time for me has been John for his honesty. And George for his quiet spirituality. Leaving Paul and Ringo, who I always thought were good natured. Which is. I guess, where I’ll leave it for now. lol.

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