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Day August 15, 2007

Night Photography of the Abandoned West

Terrific gallery on Lost America.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Karl Rove

Classy guy:

During Rove’s tenure at the College Republicans, the organization was accused of encouraging “dirty tricks” in the 1972 campaign. Rove has acknowledged that in 1970 he used a false identity to get into the headquarters of a Democratic candidate running for state treasurer of Illinois. Rove swiped the campaign’s letterhead and sent out 1,000 invitations to the campaign headquarters opening promising “free beer, free food, girls, and a good time.”

In Bloom

Two O’Clock Trailers – Can’t Buy Me Love

Chocolate Rain

It’s a slow blogging week, so it’s a perfect time to cover some internet memes that I’ve yet to post about.

Let’s start with Tay Zonday and Chocolate Rain.

Adam Nyerere Bahner (b. July 6, 1982), better known by the stage name Tay Zonday,[1] is a 25 year old singer, songwriter and keyboardist. His composition “Chocolate Rain” and accompanying video on YouTube became a popular Internet meme in July 2007. Within the course of a month, Zonday went from grad student in Minneapolis to appearances on national television. He has appeared on the Opie & Anthony Show,[2] VH1’s Best Week Ever,[3] and Jimmy Kimmel Live,[4][5] where he performed Chocolate Rain on national television a little over three months after he posted his composition on YouTube.

And a meme is born. There have been plenty of parodies of “Chocolate Rain” but my favorite is Chad Vader’s cover:

And Tay Zonday performing live on Jimmy Kimmel.

Warning Flyer

Snagged from here but no idea where it comes from. (It’s a slow blog week)

World’s Most Disturbing Children’s Book?

How did Alfie’s guidance counselor cure his homosexuality by getting his parents back together and facing off against his childhood sexual abuser “Uncle Peter” while my guidance counselor told me that college isn’t right for everyone? The Amazon link with reviews is here.


CNN did a report on the author some time ago that you really have to see to believe. About 3:50 into the report Cohen shows his “touch therapy”. Oy.

George Orwell on Being Shot

George Orwell writes about his experience being shot in the throat.

It was at the corner of the parapet, at five o’clock in the morning. This was always a dangerous time, because we had the dawn at our backs, and if you stuck your head above the parapet it was clearly outlined against the sky. I was talking to the sentries preparatory to changing the guard. Suddenly, in the very middle of saying something, I felt — it is very hard to describe what I felt, though I remember it with the utmost vividness.

Roughly speaking it was the sensation of being at the center of an explosion. There seemed to be a loud bang and a blinding flash of light all around me, and I felt a tremendous shock – no pain, only a violent shock, such as you get from an electric terminal; with it a sense of utter weakness, a feeling of being stricken and shriveled up to nothing. The sandbags in front of me receded into immense distance. I fancy you would feel much the same if you were struck by lightning. I knew immediately that I was hit, but because of the seeming bang and flash I thought it was a rifle nearby that had gone off accidentally and shot me. All this happened in a space of time much less than a second. The next moment my knees crumpled up and I was falling, my head hitting the ground with a violent bang which, to my relief, did not hurt. I had a numb, dazed feeling, a consciousness of being very badly hurt, but no pain in the ordinary sense.

(via Boing Boing)

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


I do not see how it is possible for an intelligent human being
to conclude that the Song of Solomon is the work of God, and that
the tragedy of Lear was the work of an uninspired man. We are all
liable to be mistaken, but the Iliad seems to me a greater work
than the Book of Esther, and I prefer it to the writings of Haggai
and Hosea. AEschylus is superior to Jeremiah, and Shakespeare rises
immeasurably above all the sacred books of the world.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Why I Am Agnostic”

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