Hitler-Themed Bars & Restaurants

Adolf Hitler? In most western countries he is viewed as history’s most evil man, and almost all are aware of the horrific genocide he was responsible for, with many having had family fight and/or die in the war against Nazi Germany.

However, in Asia, Hitler is a far more distant figure. This distance might be an explanation for the bizarre case of Hitler restaurants and bars that can be found throughout Asia.

(Thanks Manuel)


  1. Reminds me a bit of “Death Cube K”, Gibson’s Kafka-themed bar in Idoru with the waitresses in ‘shapeless gray cotton boilersuits and cosmetic bruises’…

  2. well, most americans are pretty oblivious to non-western history, so i can believe that asians, while they know who hitler is, might not be schooled in the breadth or depth of his sociopathic behavior.
    this reminds me very much of a story from peru. cameron diaz was sporting some trendy purse with mao zedong’s famous communist slogan on it. since many peruvians were killed by his regime, this offended them for obvious reasons. but i think it’s safe to say the actress had no lcue this had happened, and had no intention on offending anyone.

  3. Do they know what they’re doing! There are few historical figures people should (at least) know and Hitler is defnitely one of them. To think that the East is ‘ignorant’ of who he is…is an insult to their intelligence.

    These bar owners just want to attract more attention. Although some credit has to be given to one of the bar owners when he mentioned that Hitler is no different from Alexander the Great or Gangis Khan – all rulers killed people. Though the scale and motive were different indeed.

  4. There is the time factor too. Genghis Khan was quite the brutal conqueror, but he did his dirty work 1000 years ago. There are quite a few Ghengis Khan restaurants in the US.

    I suppose 1000 years would be a fair cooling off period for Hitler. 62 years is a little short.

  5. the scale and motive were different indeed

    True… but on the scale front you might be surprised which way the balance tips. Before the Mongol invasion, Chinese dynasties reportedly had approximately 120 million inhabitants; after the conquest was completed in 1279, a census reported roughly 60 million people (according to Wikipedia). And that’s just Chine – Genghis killed millions more elsewhere. Hitler never came close (and neither did Stalin or Mao, both of whom were responsible for more deaths than Hitler). Of course, the issues go far beyond numbers.

  6. Well in Ireland there is a small chain of restaurants called Mao ( http://www.cafemao.com/ )
    I’ve even heard some idiot in the UK is opening a chain of restaurant called Ortega.
    What next? Franco’s Tapas? Mussolini’s pizzeria? Pinochet’s fish restaurant? Stalin’s vodka bar? Bush’s burgers? Hiro Hito’s Sushi? Castro’s Tobacconist?

    What a wonderful trend.

  7. The one in the picture is in Korea.

    Things in Korean cities often make little or no sense.
    I have a picture of an electronics store with a massive alien (from the movie “Aliens”) on the front. The rest of the store is completely normal.
    I have a video of a life-size animatronic donkey in an indoor theme park called “Lotte World”. For 500 won, the donkey makes noise and shoots a chocolate out of it’s ass. Lotte World’s mascot is a cartoon raccoon, sometimes seen holding a revolver.
    I ate at a pizza place (I forget where) called “Mr. Pizza”. About halfway through the meal, I noticed that below every Mr. Pizza logo in the store were the words “Pizza for women”. Nothing else in the restaurant indicated this. Most of the pizzas had corn on them.

    As an American, trying to apply reason to a lot of things in Korea will result in a headache. It’s best to go with the flow, and enjoy another pine-flavored soda.

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