Guest Friday Cat Blogging

Miss Cellania submits more pictures of Gogo whose post bath pictures scared some of the commenters.

I just now got around to reading the comments on my cats. Poor Gogo
doesn’t always look that awful, but she doesn’t take a good picture
because she hates the flash and my camera has a slow response, so she
ends up looking demonic. Here are a couple more pictures of her. She
really is a normal and sweet cat… just not photogenic.

Miss C

Above is a picture of James’ cat Socksy:

Pictured meditating is my cat Socksy, so named for the “socks” she has
on her feet. We dropped her off at my grandparent’s place a few years
ago, and she disappeared. We haven’t seen her ever since.

And finally we come to Arlo:

I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite a while now. I thought I would send in a photo of my ridiculous cat, Arlo. He has some sort of feline OCD–he constantly grooms himself & often the tongue just stays out even when he’s finished.
Thanks for such a refreshing and diverse blog site!

Thanks everyone!