Kilauea Eruption Near Kapoho, Hawaii

Shorpy has an amazing picture of the eruption of Kilauea. Click here for the full sized picture.

Unfortunately, the town was destroyed from the resulting lava flow.

KÄ«lauea erupted on January 13, spilling lava out in the middle of a sugar cane field just above Kapoho. Although the main flow of lava flowed into the ocean, a slow-moving offshoot crept towards the town. Despite frantic efforts to divert the flow with earthen barricades or to harden it by spraying water on it, on January 28 the flow entered and buried the town. Nearly 100 homes and businesses as well as a hot spring resort were destroyed. A single lighthouse was spared as the lava simply parted around it (it has since been replaced by a modern light). The town was never resettled.