How To Prepare Canard à La Rouennaise (Duck in Blood Sauce)

Bon Appetit!

The recipe hereafter is the one served at La Tour d’Argent (The Silver Tower) for about a century now. They give you a certificate for every half duck, mine was already in the 7 figures. It is not a modern recipe, the blood taste is quite strong and frankly, is not the best way to serve duck. But how spectacular!

Roast a duck to medium rare. Remove the skin.

The duck is liquified in a kitchen mixer, then put on a large metallic dish placed on a flame. The large surface will speed up the evaporation needed to concentrate the sauce.

The duck’s carcass is put in the press and crushed until the juice from the organs runs into the dish. How bloody. They do this on a pedestal right in the restaurant.

(Thank Markus for this one)


  1. And people wonder why i’m a vegetarian…

    I don’t see how this is a good argument for vegetarianism — I mean, if you are served some nasty English mushy peas, would you quit eating vegetables because of it? That aside, how likely would it be for you to experience Canard à La Rouennaise? I kinda doubt that the duck suffers any more than ducks used for other dishes.

    Tonight: pork chops with an onion sauce with cream and dijon mustard; home fries and carrots; and tomatoes. I love vegetables; I eat them every day. And sometimes I eat little piggies too. Cause them’s good eatin’.

  2. I saw a great T-shirt on the subject of vegatarianism once: “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals, I’m a vegetarian because I fucking hate vegetables“.

  3. actually had me gagging a little…

    To Eel Feather: I’m a vegetarian also, and I agree which the fact that the duck probably didn’t suffer more than regular cooked/roasted duck, but I see the animal differently then just a piece of meat (think Lisa in The Simpsons) so to see an animal carcass being used that way for “classy food” is too much. Maybe that’s what The Critic meant… [?]

  4. “There’s room for all God’s creatures, right next to my mashed potatoes.” So states my Tshirt, the other side of which proclaims PETA, and you know what that acronym means in this context.

  5. I couldn’t eat this because it’s disgusting that any “dish” in a restaurant could cost as much as this probably does.

  6. BA: “At lunch this dish costs about 70€ per person, not as expensive as some people think but still a rather pricey meal. Dinner time is much more expensive I’m told.”

    I’ve had more expensive meals. Not many, but I have. I’d fork out for that once.

    It’d be the wine list that’d scare me though.

  7. It is not right to eat aniamls period.
    Humans are considered to be aniamls, but i don’t see why it’s okay to torture living things to death then eat them. And no, do not eat them alive either! I hate it even more when people don’t finish their dish, it seems like the creature was not even worthing eating….i have weird concepts…

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