1. Okay, lets be serious about this.

    I think it is a statement about junk food and Western civilization’s lack of appreciation of food. That eating has become no more of a bodily function than taking a shit. It’s just ingestion of nutrients, and nothing more. He is eating alone — rather than in good company. He is eating food prepared by a complete stranger that cares nothing for him — rather tood lovingly prepared by someone who do care for him.

    He is alone, surrounded by people, but alone.

  2. eel feather: andy warhol was a lover of consumerism so his personal expression in this video might have been something more like “i am andy warhol and i am eatting a hamburger. you can eat a hamburger too. a bum on the street can eat a hamburger. we can all enjoy the same hamburger no matter what our social status is.”

    but i still like what you got out of it too.

  3. This is waht I hated about art school…a bunch of weirdness passing for genius. I like Andy, tho. He got away with it…

  4. l’elk!: …And no matter how rich or poor, the hamburger will be the same. Just like a coca-cola. You can’t get a better coke no matter who you are. His studio, the factory, was a mixture of the rich elite and people off the street. He found inspiration in all walks of life. That was the genius of Warhol… He wanted to erase social barriers…

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