A Czech News Station Gets Punk’d

Some pranksters apparently hacked into the feed and put in a shot of a nuke going off during a weather report.
(via PoeTV)


More info about this:

Prague, June 17 (CTK) – The Ztohoven artistic group hacked into the Panorama morning programme of public Czech Television’s CT2 channel with an image of a mushroom cloud with a reference to the group’s web page.

Czech Television has already filed a criminal complaint against damaging intellectual rights and scare mongering. The police have started to investigate the case.

CT spokesman Martin Krafl told CTK that the group succeeded with the help of the internet and further technology to hack into a camera broadcasting live from the Krkonose (Giant) Mountains, east Bohemia.

Krafl stressed that broadcasting from CT’s headquarters has not been affected. He said the camera into which the group hacked is operated by an external firm that cooperates with CT.

Krafl said Czech Television has already found out the owner of the internet address.

The perpetrators face one year in prison for their pirate spot lasting about 30 seconds, CT said.


  1. Are you sure? It sounded to me like they said “nuclear bomb”. I don’t know Czech, but I know Bulgarian and I thought I heard something very similar to the Bulgarian word for nuclear. I know that the languages are close so I’m not so sure that wa ssupposed to be a weather report.

  2. I think that’s a computer simulation of a nuke, either that or it’s one of the American ones superimposed on a farm country backdrop. There doesn’t seem to be a shock wave.

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