Hot 100 Women Chosen by Lesbians

From AfterEllen:

Let’s face it: Maxim doesn’t cater to lesbians. In fact, you could say it flies in the face of all that we hold dear, especially when it declares Lindsay Lohan the hottest of them all, as it did when it published The Maxim Hot 100 List last month. So we asked you, our readers, to create your own list of hotties, and you came out in droves to nominate the women you think deserve to be on the Hot 100 List. Thousands of votes later, we have the results.

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Turkish Creationism

From the Washington Times:

ISTANBUL — An Islamic version of “scientific creationism” has found fertile soil in Turkey, where three in four residents reject Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Its leading exponent is Tarkan Yavas, who sports shoulder-length hair and expensive suits and says his aim in life is “to cleanse Turkey of the atheist materialism and the immorality Darwin opened the door to.”

Mr. Yavas is the public face of the Science Research Foundation (BAV), a group set up in 1990.

Headed by Adnan Oktar, a university dropout turned charismatic preacher, BAV’s latest publication is “Atlas of Creation,” a 770-page, 13-pound tome the group sent to scientists, journalists and schools in Britain, France, Scandinavia and Turkey in February.

Much of the book resembles Western creationists’ work, which appears to have been brought to Turkey by Western fundamentalist Christian groups in the mid-1980s.

Though details vary, the account of creation in both the Bible and the Koran says God created everything in six days.

In the atlas, page after page juxtaposes photographs of fossils and living species, arguing that the similarities disprove assertions that species adapt over time.

The political message is different, with evolution blamed for communism, Nazism and — under a photograph of the Twin Towers in flames — September 11.

Original Lincoln Document Found

From Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON – The National Archives has unveiled a handwritten note by Abraham Lincoln exhorting his generals to pursue Robert E. Lee’s army after the battle of Gettysburg, underscoring one of the great missed opportunities for an early end to the Civil War.

An archives Civil War specialist discovered the July 7, 1863, note three weeks ago in a batch of military papers stored among the billions of pages of historical documents at the mammoth building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The text of Lincoln’s note has been publicly known because the general to whom Lincoln addressed it telegraphed the contents verbatim to the front lines at Gettysburg. There, the Union army’s leaders failed for more than a week to aggressively pursue Lee following his defeat.

A week after Lincoln’s note, the Confederate army slipped across the Potomac River into Virginia and the war continued for two more years.