Hooray, Pete is Back

I was getting worried about ole Pete but he reappeared today:

Peter Genuius | pete@pete.com | IP: 24.22.17.xx

Please stop posting videos without comment or explanation — you are wasting valuable minutes of our lives. At least explain what is so interesting about a video that we should waste four minutes of our time watching it. If you are able….

Jun 7, 8:28 PM

Pete really doesn’t like the Two O’Clock trailers. I’m not sure why he just doesn’t avoid them but it’s been a month since he last threatened to never read my blog again so I’m glad he’s back so I can waste even more of his time. For those who don’t know who Pete is, here are his other comments.

Ben | ben@ben.com | IP: 24.22.17.xx

This blog has really gone downhill. Instead of interesting, thoughtful, and reasoned commentary, all you post now are videos without comment, as if we’re supposed to waste five minutes of our life to see what the point it — and usually, it is not that interesting of a point at all. You are failing in your role as editor and your blog is failing to be interesting. I will not be around much longer.

May 5, 5:54 PM

Yeah, I know. He tried posting under a different name but those damn ip numbers….

Peter | peter@peter.com | IP: 24.22.17.xx

This blog used to post cleverness, but now too often it merely posts a video and expects us to waste 10 minutes of our time getting to the point. People don’t have that kind of time.

This place is really going downhill.

Apr 17, 4:08 PM

Peter | pete@pete.com | IP: 24.22.17.xx

This video was a complete waste of my time. I am going to stop visiting your blog unless you post things of interest and of value. Wasting 4 minutes of my time like this is not of value. Wise up and do not post every stupid video you come across.

Apr 7, 5:56 PM

Thanks Pete. I’ll see you next month.