Fargo Then and Now

A look at Fargo, ND through postcards over the years.

Fargo, North Dakota, 1950 – the middle of town in the middle of the midwest in the middle of the century. Almost everything you see here still stands. And almost everything you see is gone.

Take a look at this picture, and tell yourself that things are better today. Cities today: Big white malls, clean black parking lots with a superstore rising like a cheap brick glacier, fast-food franchises, landscapes indistinguishable from any other city. Bah. I don’t want to short-shrift convenience or harangue the auto culture, but they’re thin comforts, and they have no weight. You throw out your anchor and it clatters at your feet. This picture shows a town usually used as shorthand for America’s arctic gulag, the end of the earth, a distant outpost of igloos and teepees. But tell me this doesn’t look like a small civil corner of a long-gone golden time.

(via Plep)