Argument to Beethoven’s 5th

No cue cards, no teleprompters, and no second takes–legendary funnyman Sid Caesar pioneered live television sketch comedy with his 1950s sitcoms Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. This classic sketch is “Argument to Beethoven’s 5th,” Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray play a married couple in a argument with pantomimed action and the dialogue is classic music.


  1. Brilliant! Loved it when she found the hair. A little predictable/stereotypical ending, but hey, very good stuff… I ain’t one to long for the bad old days, but damn, you just don’t get comedy like this anymore, you know?

    What if it was set to another piece? Maybe Tarantino could do one with the 1812 overture? How about Woody Allen and Vaughan Williams (eh yeah, that’s an insult, I know).

    What composer would ya team with what director?

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