Dawkins’ TED Speech from 2005

Wonderful talk. You can view it larger here.

Richard Dawkins is Oxford University’s “Professor for the Public Understanding of Science.” Author of the landmark 1976 book, The Selfish … all » Gene, he’s a brilliant (and trenchant) evangelist for Darwin’s ideas. In this talk, titled, “Queerer Than We Suppose: The strangeness of science,” he suggests that the true nature of the universe eludes us, because the human mind evolved only to understand the “middle-sized” world we can observe. (Recorded July 2005 in Oxford, UK. Duration: 22:42)


  1. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve seen it before, but it never stops fascinating me…

    Not only are there more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies — there are more things there than our imaginations can suppose. If you wish to be amazed, all you need to do, is open your mind to intellectual exploits — rather than throwing garbage into it, like unicorns, fairies and Jesus.

  2. Fantastic indeed. It’s a great feeling when someone you have great respect (even reverence) for bundles up some of your pet theories, puts them straight, expands them and links them all together with the missing bits into one coherent perspective. (That’s not bragging about my own hypothesising, as it may read, it’s paying homage to his ability to go so much further :))

    This one, on a different subject from the same talks, is also good for the same reason… and with lots of stats to back it up. I like stats. Stats are good.

  3. Eel Feather took the words right out of my mouth. Absolutely fantastic indeed. I think something similar was posted up on here last year. It was a world ‘famous’ professor explaining the idea of visual frequencies and how we see a narrow section so that we can comprehend our world. Brilliant explained, much like this video.

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