A Photo Tour of the Creation Museum

A tour of the Creation Museum Fantasyland.

Taking its cue from the previous room, this area describes the idea of different “starting points” in more detail by giving specific examples. Included are discussions of dinosaurs, the formation of the oceans, human ancestry, and more.

As soon as you walk into the Starting Points room, you are greeted by a rather menacing looking dinosaur, standing next to a sign about the evolutionary idea of dinosaur fossils and the creation idea of dinosaur fossils. Instead of the dinosaur dying, slowly rotting away, leaving behind only solid, hard material, and gradually becoming a fossil (if future paleontologists are lucky), the creationist section of the sign attributes the dinosaur’s death to the flood, and the development of the fossil is attributed to a rush of sediment (a LARGE rush of sediment) from a surge of flood water.

The obvious difference between the comparisons is the fact that the evolutionary ideas take a longer amount of time than the creationism ideas. That, and the creationism signs all rely on the Bible as a starting point.

(via Pharyngula)