A Photo Tour of the Creation Museum

A tour of the Creation Museum Fantasyland.

Taking its cue from the previous room, this area describes the idea of different “starting points” in more detail by giving specific examples. Included are discussions of dinosaurs, the formation of the oceans, human ancestry, and more.

As soon as you walk into the Starting Points room, you are greeted by a rather menacing looking dinosaur, standing next to a sign about the evolutionary idea of dinosaur fossils and the creation idea of dinosaur fossils. Instead of the dinosaur dying, slowly rotting away, leaving behind only solid, hard material, and gradually becoming a fossil (if future paleontologists are lucky), the creationist section of the sign attributes the dinosaur’s death to the flood, and the development of the fossil is attributed to a rush of sediment (a LARGE rush of sediment) from a surge of flood water.

The obvious difference between the comparisons is the fact that the evolutionary ideas take a longer amount of time than the creationism ideas. That, and the creationism signs all rely on the Bible as a starting point.

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  1. The fact that this place was built and will have thousands upon thousands of visitors is more than enough to convince me that we came from monkeys.

  2. The fact that this place was built and will have thousands upon thousands of visitors is more than enough to convince me that we came from monkeys.

    I’m thinking, more like hedgehogs or something… Or lobsters. Or a cactus. Yeah, a plant, definitely — a fuckin’ daffodil.

  3. I feel so sorry for each of you that protest or have something negative to say about this museum. I think you have allowed stupidity to get the better of you. The Bible says that in the last days there would only be a few people left on earth that would join him in glory and the rest would fall into the pits of hell and everyone of you who has stuck your neck out there and said something against His word will surely make their final resting destination in the firey pits of hell. I hope you like heat because once you get there, there is no second chance. The next time you receive a burn, and it will be my earnest prayer that each of you receive a burn very,very soon and feel the pain from the burn that this will come to your mind. You might want to think about what you say or allow satan to make you believe before it becomes too late for you and while you are thinking, consider the fact that the Bible is the only book that has remained for thousands of years. God clearly states that heaven and earth will pass away (with you in it if you’re not careful) but His word will stand. Please, what have you got to loose? If you are right in your beliefs (whatever they are) then you won’t be disappointed in the end result when you expire from this world. But if I am right and there is a heaven and a hell just like the Bible says wouldn’t you rather be on the side of heaven than on the side of eternal fire and damnation? It’s your eternity, forget what your friends and associates think they can’t die for you. Grow half a brain and think for yourself. You’re the only one who can. You don’t know how long you have to decide so you had better think quick. May God have mercy on you all.

  4. Awesome, Christian mom. Nothing I like better than a believer’s poorly worded, grammar-weak “concern” laced with threat.

    Seriously, a book said so, and you believe it. That’s all it comes down to. It says so in a book, and you feel it in your heart. Well, lady, books say a lot of things and the Bible just isn’t one I’m going to concern myself with. Eternal damnation and hellfire? Please. Where’s the proof? In your book. That’s it. That’s all you’ve got. It’s so tiresomely silly.

  5. Nicely said, Mr. The Critic.

    Also, as a professional woman, I sure do love it when women identify themselves solely as somebody’s mother, like “McKaylah’s Mom” or “A Concerned Mother”, or even a “christian mom”.

    You’re not defined by your baby-making vagina, you know.

  6. You believe in a religion that offers you eternal life that is blessed beyond your wildest dreams. When you leave this plane of existence you won’t die but you will be happy forever. You will be able to look in on your precious children and guide them. All of your enemies will be roasted in hell. All of the injustices of this world will be avenged. I believe that you suspect that this might not be true, that you nurture your faith to escape the horrible reality that you are going to die. As any adult knows, time flows by too quickly. We all wish it wasn’t so, but life isn’t fair. Believing in the Bible isn’t going to change the fact that you, yes you christian mom are going to die, I am sure you already suspect this to be true but you wrap yourself in the comfortable delusion that something can save you. It cant, the Bible was written by people, people as desperate to shield themselves from the truth as you are. You will die, sooner than you would like to, as will I, I hate this fact but I face it head on, and I live my life as I should with courage. I can’t believe in anything that offers me eternal life because I believe that it is childish wishful thinking. You may need god to save you from the fear of dying but he wont save you from death. I wish it weren’t so and obviously so do you.

  7. Obviously all of you are either terribly confused or extremely stupid. I am in no way afraid of dying nor am I just trusting in the Bible because it is a good book. I have had a lifetime of personal experiences with God and seeing how He operates in my life and in the lives of others around me. Also there is something called “faith” which is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Maybe if you would allow yourself to climb down off of your “self-rightous pedestal” you may be able to see what He is doing as well. If God can create a world as beautiful as this one and allow filth and scum to exhist in it and abuse it why can’t He create a heaven and a paradise where filth and scum are not allowed! My heavenly mansion is already reserved for me. I would just like to see those of you who are lost and wandering through this world aimlessly without a clue as to why you were even created find a way to reserve your spot as well. It seems to me that the only childish behavior is when someone is told the truth over and over again and all you can do is close your eyes and your mind and say, “it can’t be true” simply because you refuse to allow your minute brain to expand beyond what you see. You people had better wake up before it is too late. Oh and one last thing, I would much rather be known as “Christian mom” than “the critic or SNOOZEBAR”. I AM a Christian mom who is extremely concerned about the attitudes of the people my children have to be exposed to. I too am a professional woman and I happen to be thankful to God for a baby making vagina. He has blessed me with a vagina in order to do my part in populating the earth. Maybe you didn’t know that is why we are given vagina’s but I am sure as a “professional woman” you know it must be there for some reason. May God have mercy on you all anyway.

  8. “My heavenly mansion is already reserved for me.” “Grow half a brain and think for yourself.” “May God have mercy on you all anyway.”

    What a foul load of arrogant, delusional BS.

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