1. Hey congrats Chris. I was just 22 some days ago. Ouwh sorry don’t mean to bum you out. Well anyways, keep up the good work! 😀

  2. And to get back on topic, why are we celebrating your birthday — as opposed to your conception day? When does life start?

  3. Happy birthday, dude!

    My dad is celebrating his on Wednesday the 30th… he’ll be 90. And he’s a Pearl Harbor survivor (one of the very few left)!

    From him and me, many happy returns!

  4. Ha ha, you’re old.

    Sigh. I can officially say that I’m getting there, too….

    You know you’re old when liquor stores and beer distributors don’t even bother to card you anymore.

  5. Chris,

    I didn’t receive my cake. Perhaps it has been delayed due to the holiday this weekend. I was going to get together with some friends to BBQ and imbibe but I’ll let them know that I will be unable to attend so that I can wait to receive my cake. I can’t afford to miss it when it arrives (I don’t trust any of my neighbors, you know).

    Ah, I can taste it already. I better poor myself a nice tall glass of milk so that I can be completely prepared for when my delicious piece of cake arrives.

    Thank you – you are very generous to share.

  6. Happy birthday from France (a bit late). Or should I say “bon anniversaire”.
    As for me, I’ll be 30 tomorow…

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