1. Cool

    This speech is not only in beginning of the song “Civil War” but also in the middle of “Madagascar” mixed with Martin Luther King and many others clips of audio …

    Chinese Democracy will released soon …

    some of the best tracks are :


    There Was A Time

    The Blues


  2. A mate of mine once put on a film, Vanishing Point, that he knows inside out and I hadn’t seen before then. Towards the end, there’s a little monologue, and when it started, I joined in, I knew it word for word as Gn’R used it at the end of Breakdown. I really freaked him out, which is always fun 😉

    PS: Chinese Democracy being released soon is a little subjective… When I see it in a shop I’ll know it’s been released, and everyone who had faith can gloat. Until then I’ll just keep on believing it’ll never happen 🙁

  3. Wht film is this by the way?

    Yep, Cool Hand Luke. I highly recommend renting it if you haven’t seen it. Newman is good in it but George Kennedy is astounding.

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