1. Another one I haven’t got around to watching. I was a croup for a year a while back, so it’d probably just annoy me 🙂

  2. Yep, roulette-wheel-thingy (and blackjack-thingy and retard-poker three-card-poker-thingy). Not much to tell really, not nearly as exciting as you’d think. Dealt to a couple of my footie team, but they wouldn’t mean anything to most people. Dealt a couple of 38-to-1 hands in a row at three card, had the boss stand right behind me to watch while I dealt the next one. He buggered off after a few losing hands and I dealt another 38-to-1 about an hour later, all to the same player. That’s about it, nothing much interesting ever happened there, it was quite disappointing in that respect. Never even caught someone cheating or trying to cheat either 🙁

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