The NY Times’ Review of the Creation Museum

Or better known as Xian Fantasyland:

PETERSBURG, Ky. — The entrance gates here are topped with metallic Stegosauruses. The grounds include a giant tyrannosaur standing amid the trees, and a stone-lined lobby sports varied sauropods. It could be like any other natural history museum, luring families with the promise of immense fossils and dinosaur adventures.

But step a little farther into the entrance hall, and you come upon a pastoral scene undreamt of by any natural history museum. Two prehistoric children play near a burbling waterfall, thoroughly at home in the natural world. Dinosaurs cavort nearby, their animatronic mechanisms turning them into alluring companions, their gaping mouths seeming not threatening, but almost welcoming, as an Apatosaurus munches on leaves a few yards away.

What is this, then? A reproduction of a childhood fantasy in which dinosaurs are friends of inquisitive youngsters? The kind of fantasy that doesn’t care that human beings and these prefossilized thunder-lizards are usually thought to have been separated by millions of years? No, this really is meant to be more like one of those literal dioramas of the traditional natural history museum, an imagining of a real habitat, with plant life and landscape reproduced in meticulous detail.

For here at the $27 million Creation Museum, which opens on May 28 (just a short drive from the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport), this pastoral scene is a glimpse of the world just after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, in which dinosaurs are still apparently as herbivorous as humans, and all are enjoying a little calm in the days after the fall.

It also serves as a vivid introduction to the sheer weirdness and daring of this museum created by the Answers in Genesis ministry that combines displays of extraordinary nautilus shell fossils and biblical tableaus, celebrations of natural wonders and allusions to human sin. Evolution gets its continual comeuppance, while biblical revelations are treated as gospel.

Outside the museum scientists may assert that the universe is billions of years old, that fossils are the remains of animals living hundreds of millions of years ago, and that life’s diversity is the result of evolution by natural selection. But inside the museum the Earth is barely 6,000 years old, dinosaurs were created on the sixth day, and Jesus is the savior who will one day repair the trauma of man’s fall.


  1. Well one old fossil is gone to where that 5000 year old Dino is,in the earth.Of coarse the skull of Dino is still on display (with it’s age posted in the entrance to the (science)building.Fawell and his kind will surly be missed in the world of science.Reckon they could mount his head in the church? I mean for teaching purposes only.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if animals become extinct then doesn’t it imply creation wasn’t perfect? I mean why would God, a perfect being, create something just to change his mind and kill it off afterwards? And if animals are incapable of free will (I’m assuming this) what did the dinosaurs do to piss God off so much?

  3. They didn’t grovel enough to deserve to be spared the smiting, obviously. The ‘supreme’ is a little insecure by all accounts.

  4. … This IS lunacy, imho, however…

    … The NYT seems very selective in their rebuke. I recall an exhibit with the Madonna surrounded by walls plastered with pornography, sitting among heaps of elephant dung, lauded as “cutting edge art”.

    … Most folks with educations will see this diplay for what it is. So what’s the problem?

    … The NYT… Freedom of Speech, so long as they agree with it.

    … What the hell is happening to America?

  5. [The NYT seems very selective in their rebuke. I recall an exhibit with the Madonna surrounded by walls plastered with pornography, sitting among heaps of elephant dung, lauded as “cutting edge art”.]

    As I recall, the NYT didn’t “laud” the Madonna display, with words such as “disturbing” and “blasphemous”. The artist intended it to be art, so art it is. THAT’s freedom of speech. And with that same freedom of speech, you are free to condemn the display.

    Are the creators claiming this idiotic creationism display is art? Or are they claiming it is factual information?

    Reporting the truth in the face of lies is not the same as rebuke, and it’s not violating anyone’s free expression.

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