1. I quit about 3 episodes into the second season. Nothing EVER got resolved, and it seemed like they were making it up as they went.

    I don’t miss it at all.

  2. Oh dear, one of my dirty secrets exposed through lack of resistance to comment – I’m obsessed with it.

    McGee: It’s got a lot better at giving answers recently, and not just by replacing them with an equal number of new questions like they used to 😉

    Chris: Massively. I’ve always liked it, but it’s been slowly getting better with just a few bumps along the way. The third season turned into a massive answerfest halfway through though, without destroying any of the mystery. There was a fluff episode which was a complete waste of time, and the finale was a little weird (it changes quite a lot and puts new restrictions on the overall story – it’s a love it or hate it ending really), but I’d say giving up halfway through this season would be a mistake if you’d enjoyed it up till that point. Like I say, the second half is an answerfest.

  3. Schmoo,

    I watched the first season on dvd and saw the whole thing in a matter of days. I’m not saying I was addicted, but I almost called in sick just so I could finish watching the damn thing. I even went out after I was done and read Verne’s “The Mysterious Island” because I needed my fix. (A pretty good read btw)

    I was in denial during the Second Season because the second season had some good points to it (Especially Mr. Ekko) But it seemed like they were introducing too many new characters and it was losing focus from the main characters from the first season. By the end of the second season, I was disappointed.

    Cue, the first part of the third season. Talk about dragging out a plot. By the fourth episode I was ready to bail. Sawyer and Kate in the damn tiger cages every damn episode had me at wits end. And when we finally go back to the main island, we get more Charlie and the blonde girl with the baby (i forget her name). Oh, how I hate Charlie. As a hobbit he was tolerable but on Lost I was hoping he was dead when the others hanged him.
    (And I think I heard what happened to him which makes me think I should give it another go 😉

  4. Yeah, sounds about right, it definately got slower for a while after the mini-season bear-cage bit. I think it must’ve been episode 10 or so where it was back to normal, the worthless episode was about 15 or so, and after that it stepped up a gear. There’s a lot of answers to questions we’ve had from the start, and some things we thought we’d never see. It all gets a lot more intense too, some pretty good character development. I think the second half of season three is the best Lost yet, by a really quite a big margin.

    Did you hear about the end date? They’ve set in stone with whatever channel it’s on that it’ll have 3 more seasons of 16 eps each – so two season’s worth over two years. I’m taking that as a good sign that it’ll stay fast-paced and blank-filling.

  5. I gave up when I figured out they really were making it up as they went along. No genius puzzles, no clever and sophisticated Gordian Knot, just… spaghetti. Gah.

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