Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Eel Feather writes:

Now, I hope this won’t turn into a cat vs. dog thing,
because damnit, as much as I love dogs (and basically
feel fairly impartial towards cats), that’d just be
too much of a contrary reaction, you know?

This is Gus (Augusta). She’s a Jack Russell Terrorist.
She’s a raving mad, mean, lean killing machine. I like
this picture especially, because it sorta symbolizes
what dogs are like — you know, not cool. Cats are
cool. Dogs are dorks. You can’t take pictures of
dorks, because they run around like idiots all the


  1. I like Gussie, I think Jack Russell’s are pretty cool dogs. They always seem so lean and strong. Plus they can jump high.

  2. I agree. I had a Jack Russell growing up and they are great dogs. She seemed to never run out of energy, and would just run around for hours. We moved to an area with a few acres for her to run around on. She ran so much we had to by special food to keep her from losing too much weight.

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