1. I just tried to show Keiko that you had made her famous, and she seemed utterly indifferent. Damn Cat. Regardless, I am very proud.


  2. I’ve gotta share this bit, about a German Shepherd named “Zeppo.” I have no idea why he was named that. This dog was the sanest, kindest, and most sensible member of a family I knew as a child. The oldest kid was my best childhood friend. He was a fighter. So was his three brothers. And his mother. And boy, oh boy, so was his father. The only pacifist in the crowd was Zeppo. These guys were all fucked up…

    The first time I visited my buddy, he convinced me to wrestle him — which I did, and quickly gained the upper hand… Then, Zeppo grabbed me by my neck and threw me off. He didn’t bite me. He didn’t harm me in any way whatsoever — well except for my pride… My buddy laughed like a hyena. Nice trick…

    The other trick my buddy used to perform, was to play a harmonica in front of Zeppo. It would scare the crap out of all of us kids. Cause Zeppo would howl. Like a wolf.

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