1. Hey scooby, I’m pretty much gonna pretty much shove this rabbit in your mouth, but don’t bite it.

    Hey, hey, hey…

  2. Yeah, what do you expect the cat to do? In my opinion, it’s being remarkably patient considering the squirming, squiggling morsels are being literally dumped into its lap.

    It could be worse; it could be like the cat I used to have who, once he found a nest of rabbits, systemically slaughtered each of them. You could take him, throw him in the house, do anything you wanted….but the second he was back outside, he was after the babies to kill and devour.

  3. Hey…! Hey…! Hey…! Hey — guess wut?! I’m a fucking MORON! Jeeeeebus. Anthropomorphizing animals is bad enough — this bint is treating her cute, fluffy kitty-cat like an extension of her own, retarded Disneyland ego.


  4. Chris, why is there an Ann (dry heaving) Coulter column link on top of this page? Seriously, do I need to come over and boil a rabbit?

  5. Brandon, at least the link generated for you were vaguely related to the C-C theme. Mine were both about how to lose weight (45 pounds in 3 months, and 5 lbs/week, respectively) — something I will endeavor not to take personally. But I like the non-sequitirs and completely off-target-marketing that appear in the ads on this site. It lends my web experience a Dada-ist flavor.

    I encourage everyone to click the ads regularly because it supports this site and keeps Chris in fresh bling. This goes double for readers who are getting a bit tubby and could stand to drop a couple stones’ weight before Labor Day.

  6. why is there an Ann (dry heaving) Coulter column link on top of this page?

    To provide a strong counter-point to logic, reason, and humanity.

  7. We have a menagerie of pets in our house. We
    once had a sick little kitty name Sarabi (since
    passed) who being sickly, just pretty much just
    passively existed, walking from food dish to
    litter pan, to chair, and not much else.

    That is, until a canary got out of the
    aviary and hopped down the hallway. Sarabi
    was up in a flash, and all huntress. Pounce!

    We got to the bird before any fatal jungle
    events occured, and Sarabi went back to her
    chair, and canary back to aviary. The little canary didn’t escape again. “There be dragons, out there, Man!”

    Seriously, the lady in the video is an idiot. One nick from a cat fang and the little rabbit likely dies of sepsis.

    Thankfully, no Ann Coulter link on my page, or
    I might die of sepsis.

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