Squirrel Cage for Jeeps

From a 1949 issue of Mechanix Illustrated

Squirrel Cage for jeeps is this new device for travel over swamps, bogs, soft beaches and heavy underbrush. It’s a continuous road matting on rollers which runs around the body and under the wheels. The Marine Corps is testing it at the Quantico, Virginia, base.

I guess testing didn’t go so well.

(via J-Walk)


  1. Let’s see–

    the continuous matting travels under the wheels, picks up lots of water, mud,sand, etc., and then passes over the unprotected heads of the folks in the Jeep, dropping all that crud into their laps. I’m surprised some well-connected defense contractor didn’t end up selling the military these things for a million apiece!

  2. Anyone know how it is/was supposed to steer? Steer the jeep and the cage would carry on going in the same direction (if it’s one piece, as it appears to be), and the jeep would pop out of the side…

    (Answer could be on the linked page – it’s not responding :()

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