Royale with Cheese

From Will Work For Food:

Sure, you probably know in France that McDonald’s serves the Royale with cheese (thanks to the famous scene in Pulp Fiction) but did you know that McDonald’s all around the world offer a number of different items catering to their cultures?

Ok, you might’ve known. But you might not know exactly what they serve.

Here’s some of your McDonald’s options in countries all over the world.

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  1. Alaska has The McKinley Mac, which is basically a huge big mac. i assume its because of Mount McKinley, but it could also be because William McKinley was a little chubbers!

  2. McKielbasa? Never heard of it, maybe because I do not visit McDonald’s restarants very frequently… However Wie¶mac is quite popular here. It’s got a funny name, because it sounds like “wie¶niak”, which is a Polish equvalent of, let’s say, redneck. I don’t know what do they stuff it with, as I’ve never tried it. Cows ears as usual, I suppose.

  3. It was mentioned in the comments on the referenced blog, but not described, that in Hawaii they have a special pie, other than the standard cherry and apple. Taro root. It’s purple, and I did not care to try it. (Ever had poi? Eeewww!)

  4. Over here in Holland, we’ve got the MacKroket. I think you have to be Dutch to understand the sublime gross-out factor of that.

    Oh, and as Pulp Fiction stated, we do in fact eat mayonaise with our french fries, even at MacDonalds.

  5. MacKroket? It’s not like McCroquettes is it? (it sounds exactly the same…)(let’s hope it doesen’t tase the same…)

  6. The only positive idea behind American junk food is that you can expect to get the same shit — uh, sorry, food — wherever you go.

    That, of course, is only a positive thing if you don’t like things that are different than what you’re used to. People who dress differently than you. Who have different values than you. Who speak differently than you.

    Which in my mind is a bad thing, as far as culture, language, and well — everything goes — including food. Diversity can be tricky to deal with, but in my experience, it’s generally well worth it.

    But in my experience, diversity needs to be genuine, and not pretended. Which is why this McD crap is bad. I once ended up in an Austrian McD (another long story), and made the mistake of ordering something that wasn’t on a regular McD menu — ’cause I wanted to try something “local.” Well, it sucked ass. It was nasty. I was fuckin’ starving — but it was almost inedible. I tasted other things in that country, that wasn’t to my liking — and I tasted things that were to my liking. But nothing as horrible as that.

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