Praying for Muslims

J-Walk found this gem on the Rapture Ready boards:

A Christian friend of mine who sells beauty products in homes via ‘home parties’ asked me to assist her last night as the house she was going to sell her stuff at was a MUSLIM home and all the invitees were Muslim women.

On our way over there we prayed strongly. We prayed over the products and when we got there as she was doing the presentation, little did the ladies who were in full muslim garb know I was praying in the NAME of the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Neither did they know that I was ‘painting the house RED ‘ with the BLOOD of JESUS!… With the Blood of Yeshua Ha Meshia!!! Little did they know that as I went over to assist with the hand massage or the facials that I was speaking JESUS into them…that we were binding the power of the dark Islamic deception by the POWER of the NAME of Jesus, By the Power of His shed Blood, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, by the Power of the Most High GOD !!!

Man, I bet them demons were scattering all over the place bouncing off the walls for little did they know that GOD’S BEST were there wearing the FULL Armour of GOD, fighting the Battle…fighting for the release of these captive women, fighting for their salvation and deliverance.

To GOD be the GLORY !!!!! Halleluiah to the LAMB of GOD…Yeshua HaMeshia!!

I thought it was satire until I read some of the responses:

What you shared here, countmeworthy, sent (happy) chills all oer me. How beautiful it is how God uses us in so many different ways. You just never know who, what, when, where situation God’s going to use you.

Praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the hearts and lives of these ladies. There’s no doubt in my mind they knew something was going on inside them, but just didn’t know what. I pray they all will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and their families as well!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s still America. We are Christians and have the power of the Almighty Lord! We CAN reach people. We CAN make a difference. Yes, this world is going down in a fiery blaze, but how wonderful to be able to pull some out of that fire with the love of Jesus Christ. Satan uses anger and bitterness to paralyze us. Don’t let him! Muslims will kill Christians, yes. We are the infidels to them.