1. Do my eyes deceive me, or do I see an ad for Ann Coulter e-mails just under these pictures?

    Do mein eyes deceive me further….or does she look a little bit like Heinrich Himmler in that picture? Just put the goofy moustache on, cut the hair…..

  2. When you have multiple cameras pointing at you every time you’re out in the public, chances are that once in a while a shutter will capture what looks like you doing something stupid. The camera never lies, right?

    Maybe not.

    What if, in the top photo, he’s in the process of moving his hand up or down from a shading position? Think that’s possible?

    Or what if, in the bottom photo, he momentarily put the binocs up to his eyes and realized the lens caps were still on. I can tell you I’ve done that numerous times, and felt stupid about it, even though my IQ is 140. Have you? Of course, subsequent photos will show him gazing thru the functional binocs, lens caps hanging, but those photos are boring. The one that gets spread far and wide is the one you see.

    But there’s always a contingent of True Believers who, unthinkingly, look at the photos and smirk, content that the photos PROVE what they already are so sure of: Bush is a total idiot, see!?!

  3. I see, people who think Bush is stupid all do so on the evidence of joke images? Either that, or you’re jumping to conclusions too…

  4. Dave…

    You claim to have an IQ of 140 AND you still publicly support President Bush? Anyone else smell an oxymoron here?

  5. What are you trying to say, Oxymoron…

    Are you implying that only stupid people support the president?

    Or are you one of the sheep who insist that the president is an idiot just because you don’t agree with him politically?

    I didn’t vote for Bush for a number of reasons. But just because I disagree with him doesn’t mean, ipso facto, that he’s an idiot. Actually, if you voted for Kerry the last time around, you voted for the less intelligent of the two (if their Yale grades and their SAT scores have anything to say about their respective intelligences). Further, I don’t know if you’re a pilot or not, but you can’t be an idiot to fly planes. In fact the guy flew the F-102, one of the most notoriously difficult fighters ever to fly. An F-16 is a cakewalk by comparison.

    George W. Bush is not stupid. It’s not possible to be a moron and fly a supersonic jet fighter, and everyone knows it. Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who looks at a silly photo and jumps to conclusions.

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