Christian Domestic Discipline (Loving Wife Spanking in a Christian Marriage)

When it comes to wacky religious beliefs, I can’t tell what’s real or what’s satire. Judge for yourself.

What is Christian Domestic Discipline?

A domestic discipline marriage is one in which one partner in the marriage is given authority over the other and has the means to back the authority, usually by spanking.

A Christian Domestic Discipline marriage is one that is set up according to Biblical standards; that is, the husband is the authority in the household. The wife is submissive to her husband as is fit in the Lord and her husband loves her as himself. He has the ultimate authority in his household, but it is tempered with the knowledge that he must answer to God for his actions and decisions. He has the authority to spank his wife for punishment, but in real CDD marriages this is taken very seriously and usually happens only rarely. CDD is so much more than just spanking. It is the husband loving the wife enough to guide and teach her, and the wife loving the husband enough to follow his leadership. A Christian marriage embodies true romance and a Christian man a true hero.

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    theyre listed as “Heirloom Intimates” on the site..
    i know the birds and the bees talk is awwkward but what about your mother handing you a worn-out pair of these?

  2. I am a Bible Christian – not a Roman Catholic idol-worshiper or a Muslim worshiping the demon-god ALLAH.

    The rebellious souls, professing-Christian or not, who oppose the lordship of the Man & Husband over the woman/wife are destined for Hell.

    Those wives who submit to correction – inclusive of ‘Domestic Discipline’ i.e. corporal punishment – will be saved. Those fools who rebel blaspheme God & damn their eternal souls.


    1. HERALD- … you do know how ridiculous that sounds? And this “demon-God Allah” is the same God that you worship, the two religions just have different prophets to the same God… read your texts.

  3. I’m a happy housewife who’s submitted to my Husband and am better for it. Whenever He’s caught me sinning, or I’ve confessed to Him I’m told to fetch my intimates and return to Him. He takes me over the knee and either uses His hand or belt for the punishment. Although I struggle with the pain I, and might cry occasionally I’m repenting my sins and surrendering to the Lord. Sometimes it hurts so much I begin pleading for forgiveness, without enduring the remainder of my punishment, although He keeps firm, ensuring I learn the error of my ways, and it works!

    After each spanking, I return to my room and consult the Bible before 10 minutes of prayer. My Husband consoles me if I’m sobbing, and I appreciate Him for it, as it assures me of His love and that His decision was right. Sometimes he applies some oil to the bruising (which is usually only need if spanked with a belt – which is only used with major issues) and rubs my backside, with my sins forgotten he holds no grudges, but forgives me, as I’m His loving wife.

    I respect, appreciate and love Him more for it, and the practise of domestic discipline only increases my desire to make Him happy. I’ve submitted to Him and in return He loves, and protects me, as the Lord intended it to be.

    I’ll continue to serve Him till death do us part, and I suggest you do too x

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