Colony Collapse Disorder

From Wikipedia:

Colony Collapse Disorder (or CCD) is a poorly understood phenomenon involving the massive die-off of a beehive or bee colony. CCD is alternatively referenced as Vanishing Bee Syndrome (VBS)[1]. Apparently, CCD was originally found only in colonies of the Western honey bee in North America[2], but European beekeepers have recently claimed to be observing a similar phenomenon in Poland, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with initial reports coming in from Switzerland and Germany, albeit to a smaller degree[3]. The cause (or causes) of the syndrome is not yet well understood and even the existence of this disorder remains disputed. Theories include environmental change-related stresses[4], malnutrition, unknown pathogens (i.e., disease[5]), mites, pesticides such as neonicotinoids, emissions from cellular phones or other manmade devices,[6] and genetically modified (GM) crops[7]. That the disappearances have only been reported from a subset of the commercial beekeepers in affected areas (i.e., not feral colonies or “organic” beekeepers), suggests to some that beekeeping practices are a primary factor[8].