1. I was 65% giving answers that corresponded with my previous habits, but I got sick of it and just stopped. I only really have it when I run out of tea-bags now, and occasionally I just feel like coffee instead of tea. Giving answers as close to my current situation as possible, I got 45%. Crap test 😉

  2. You’re not my boss in disguise are you?

    I must admit, however, to bookmarking that page to a folder called “inspiration”… oh all right, it’s called “rip-off reference”.

  3. One’s mileage does vary of course, but coffee affects my blood pressure. Went for a checkup, and found it to just be nudging into the lowest “unsafe” (or whatever it’s called) region. No worries. But when I had my blood drawn, they asked me if I’d eaten or drunk anything, and I’d had two cups of coffee, so they told me to piss of and return, but to only drink water. So I did, but just for the hell of it, I had my blood pressure checked — and I was well down into the safe region.

    A few weeks later, I was working with a client that had a blood pressure machine in the cafeteria, and I ran an experiment with a bunch of double espressos, checking my blood pressure — and yup, definite correlation there…

    I’m no health nut, but then again, I’m pretty much 0% addicted to coffee, so I just quit. But then again, the only good cup of coffee I’ve had in years, was in Jamaica — and then, with the Blue Mountain beans I got off of a dude living in a shack up in the mountains there. That, I DO miss. But Starbucks, or generic office coffee — uh fuck that.

  4. I’m 46%… Coffee is one of the small things i’m trying to give up this year along with cheese, excessive amounts of dressings/sauces and adding sugar to cereal or hot beverages. I’ve just started university and I’m scared I’ll put on the ‘Fresher 15’ – the fifteen pounds you supposedly put on instantly the moment you walk into a university hall of residence!

  5. I seem to be 63% addicted even though I never drink coffee at home at all, which is where I am most of the time.

    Having said that, if I do go out of the house there is maybe a 97% likelihood of it being in order to visit my local café.

  6. 75%, apparently. I never miss a day… but because I grind the beans and slow-cook the coffee in a stovetop espresso maker it takes too much time to drink all day.

    Oddly, the espresso maker claims it makes 8 cups. I seem to fit it all in one easily enough…:)

    Bend I recomment: North Queensland Gold. Yummy!

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