1. Waiterrant is one of the best blogs on the net.

    Just curious, but why was the link to it removed from the blogroll?

  2. dang, i wish one of your ads wasn’t for free ann coulter emails. not that you have much control over that. anyhow, waiterrant has been really great lately. he’s gotten a lot darker since he switched restaurants.

  3. I loves me some Waiter Rant. One of my favorite blogs around. I regularly read it, and Club Life. I used to read Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds, but its gone from great humorous writing about her job, to just another “Look at my life!” blog.

  4. Outeast: Some of it, yep, but not all. I think he’s a pretty good writer, but I think maybe he sees himself as a great writer.

    I’m quite suprised he’s a theist too. For me, that just doesn’t jive with the clinical bullshit detector he portrays most of the time.

  5. I wasn’t sure, but that post is a pretty good representation of his average anyway. Most of his posts are from the opposite view, anti-negative rather than pro-positive, but still.

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