1. Mostly I just squash bugs when I find them… but if I could throw tiny, miniature cream pies at them… I probably would.

  2. Very good. I’m wondering what their hit rate was like though, must’ve taken ’em weeks to get all that footage.

  3. Why are they hurting those bees and stuff. It’s like hitting a cat with a coconut. SAMSUNG must be an asshole company for sponsering this.

  4. I have a feeling that some of the flying insects may have been attached to some kind of holding device. It would be impossible to get steady shots like that. They’ve done something similar on new BBC wildlife programmes.

  5. Aww, that’s not very nice.
    I’ll just pretend each bug just told a really lame joke!
    The red juice hitting the fly is the most impressive. Really cool photo shoot.

  6. [asshole company] and [cruelty to animals]

    Interesting that someone will feel bad for insects when they are shown large and in slow-motion. But when they’re tiny and in real-time they’re perfect candidates for chemical warfare, swatting, and grinding under lug soles.

    Or are you both actually real-live Bhuddists who avoids killing anything? Does that include bacteria?

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