Altough I have been reading this blog for a very looong time, this is only my second comment here (at least I think so), but it does not matter, does it?
    I just want to express my big kudos to you… I’ve had some cleanings of my RSS feeds, but cynical-c always survives (among boingboing.net, metafilter and other giants). Just keep up the good work and stay as you are! BIG TNX!

  2. no, you may not stop blogging.
    all joking aside, this was the first blog i ever started reading, and it’s one of the few i check several times a day.
    thanks for entertaining me.

  3. I’m deleting Cynical-C from my bookmarks after this post. I have been reading this blog since 03. What did mormons ever do to you?

    You have a whole page with more than enough reasons that you should never stop. Keep on keepin’ on.

  4. Chris, thanks for giving me something to look forward to during my work day. If it wasn’t for you and all your effort, I just don’t think I could get by.



  5. 5,000,000 eh?
    I’m sure you and Google have a strong, healthy relationship! lol.

    kidding aside, I enjoy this blog. Most of the posts are informative and entertaining, except for the much dreaded cat posts.

  6. If I leave a comment here, does that mean you just personally thanked me? I’m flattered.

    But seriously, this is one of my favorite Blog. Keep it up.

  7. Your blog has been among my “dailies” for around a year and a half now, and I have enjoyed every day of it. Congrats!

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