1. 1. Does evolution really teach that a rock can become human ? I don’t think so Charley.
    2. Does that rambling tongue mumbo-jumbo explain Gene Simmons
    enthralling tongue ?

  2. See, science teachers us that body building is possible, but this man has proven it wrong.

    See, if I try and lift a car, I cannot.

    I don’t feel like I need to go any further…

  3. How this guy wants to fight evolution if he is so stupid!

    I don’t know if this guy, but they don’t even know how to separate syllables in “evolution”.

  4. I’m so sick of the creationist arguement that evolution is one thing turning into another. That is so over the top and stupid. All day long everyday there is adaptation and change going on, some to subtle to see…what’s wrong with them???

  5. A standard old gag is to bend the spring on a mousetrap so it doesn’t snap shut too hard, and snap it on your finger almost painlessly, as this guy has done.

    Seems like a weird sight-gag to do on a peice that purportes to be seriously questioning mainstream science thought.

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