What’s Jeb Bush Up To?

From the Huffington Post:

If you’ve been worried sick about what would become of ex-Governor Jeb “No Futuro” Bush since his big brother totally screwed his chances for ever being elected president, here’s some great news. Jeb is now officially on the board of Tenet Healthcare, at an annual pay of $474,500–for 13 days of work per year.

It’s a special board seat created just for Jeb, at the suggestion of an old Bush family friend and fundraiser. (Do they even have any family friends who aren’t also fundraisers?)

As calculated by TheStreet.com, Jeb stands to collect a tidy $36,500 per day. All he has to do is sit on the board of a hospital chain so ethically challenged that even the Bush administration went after them.

(via J-Walk)

First Post

I thought I would go back in time today and take a glance as to what the first post was for some of the blogs I have on my blogroll. Feel free to copy your first blog post and put it in the comments.

From Kottke.org (March 14, 1998):


I decided I needed to start writing things down. Because I forget. Because I think better and feel better when I write. I used to write often but got away from it. So here it is again. But you ask: “Jason, why not keep a private diary?” Because I’d never keep up a private diary…I need to force myself to write this. So, I made it into content. Since it’s content, I feel obligated to keep it up-to-date.

See these games I have to play with myself?

From The J-Walk Blog(October 15, 2002):

My First Blog Entry

Today I woke up and decided to start a weblog. I’ve had a bit of free time lately, and I’ve spent a lot of it perusing other blogs. They vary from crappy to superb. Hopefully, this one will be somewhere in the middle.

I decided to “roll my own,” and not use any of the standard blogging products. We’ll see how this works out. Right now I’m just using FrontPage.

I spent a few hours working on the design, and recalling things that I had forgotten about cascading style sheets. My goal, as always: Keep it simple.

From Backwards City(May 17, 2004):

Welcome to the Backwards City Review. We’ll be with you shortly.

–The Editors

From Atrios(April 17, 2002):

Is this thing on?

From Shakespeare’s Sister (October 5, 2004):

Day one, and the question is: Why join the blogosphere when there are already so many blogs out there, many of them great, many of them garbage? The thing I’ve noticed about the political blog culture is that for people who spend their days immersed in it, often we are the first to draw connections between a story we read here and a story we read there. It’s not uncommon that I’ll see a post on one of the blogs I read regularly that reflects an insight I’ve had myself, though sometimes the dots I managed to connect don’t form a full picture anywhere else for days. That means on some days I may have something interesting to say, and on some days, I won’t. Will this blog be worth it for the days I do? We shall see.

For those who stumble across Shakespeare’s Sister and don’t already have the following on their reading lists, I recommend the following: Talking Points Memo, the brilliant John Aravosis’ AMERICAblog, Daily Kos, David Corn’s blog, Informed Comment by Juan Cole, James Wolcott’s blog, Hullabaloo, and the always witty World O’ Crap. I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but I’ll keep adding to the list as we go.

From SFSignal (July 12, 2003):

First! Hahahaha…

So, this post is really to just have some text here so that the blog will fill out and look decent. With no text, it looks weird….


From Bibi’s Box(May 27, 2004):

Bom, como pretendo fazer deste weblog um meio de divulgação para coisas interessantes que descubro pela internet resolvi começar sugerindo um site no mínimo diferente. O Devil’s Dictionary É um curioso dicionário onde as difinições não se encaixam necessariamente nos padrões puritanos aos quais as pessoas estão acostumadas. É a versão on-line de dois ou outros dicionários “The Unabridged Devil’s Dictionary” e “The Devil’s Dictionary”.

From Bad Astronomy Blog (March 13, 2005):

So, it’s come to this.

Perhaps it’s been too long coming. If you’ve read the site, you know I have a lot to say, maybe too much. There’s a boatload of astronomy out there, Bad and Good, and not enough time to write up whole pages about it. Plus, sometimes I just think of stuff (the bane of the thinker), and I might want to make a short, pithy comment for the Curious Masses out there.

So here you go. The BABlog. I may have a contest later on how to pronounce that. In my head, it kinda comes out “blah blog”. Anyway, it was either this or do a podcast, and a podcasting friend of mine told me how much effort a ‘cast would be. So now I’m blogging, because I’m nothing if not least effort.

The next entry will have actual content. I promise. Until then, welcome, and take an hour or two to poke around the main Bad Astronomy site.

From Clusterflock (November 16, 2005):

clusterflock is a group blog dedicated to various aspects of culture: food, art, design, architecture, science, society, movies, books, music, typography, etc. Posts will be made daily and will cover a wide variety of subjects with the hope of pointing readers in good directions. We hope you like what you read and will check back and let people know what we’re up to.

From My2SecondShelfLife (September 15, 2002):

The Crappy Daughter (me)
Well, I’ve been busted.
I invite my mother to our BBQ every second year.
My mother doesn’t enjoy big events with loud music.

She’s conservative.
Traditional European, “not allowed to have fun because I’m too old for that”, type.
My mother in law on the other hand loves life and enjoys a good dance and a couple of drinks.
My mother in law is 20 (physically) years older than my mother.
My mother is extremely jealous of my mother in law.
She thinks I get along better with her (I do) and that I love her more (I don’t/can’t).
I just enjoy her company more than my own mother’s.
Anyway, I digress…

From Cosmic Variance (July 17, 2005):

…So what we have here is a group blog constructed by some idiosyncratic human beings who also happen to be physicists. Sometimes we’ll talk about science, other times it will be food or literature or whatever moves us — I know I have some incisive things to say about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, for one thing. We’re not a representative collection of scientists, just some engaged individuals curious about our world.


From Information Junk (September 1, 1999):

I have so much time on my hands that I needed something to ease that burden and this is it. What is it? Huh? Well it isn’t this, this or that! It’s an idea that sprung from reading good stuff like this, this and that. Don’t be fooled though, this project won’t ever be much, but it will be something.

From Waxy (April 14, 2002):

So, I’ve never really had a personal website. For the last seven years or so, I used the Generic Website as a placeholder for a site that never came. Sure, there were always little nooks and crannies hiding under that blank page, but I figured it was finally time for something a little more substantial.

I can’t promise I’ll keep to these, but here are the rules:

1. No journaling, unless it’s relevant to people who don’t know me. Example: “Today I went down to 7-11 and bought a Slurpee. Strawberry is my favorite flavor!”

2. No tired memes, unless I have something to add. Example: “Take this quiz and find out which Smurf you are! I’m Jokey!”

3. Be original.

Thanks to the close friends who, until this point, have put up with my endless links and web commentary in instant messages and e-mail.

From Late Reviews(February 1, 2004):

The purpose of these writings is not necessarily to provoke any readers I might accidentally gain into rushing out to read/watch/listen to/eat the latest fad. I don’t have the money or the free time to devote to what’s fresh bursting on the scene, but choose instead to review that which is current in my life. Occasionally, this might be something all the hip kids are grooving too; most likely, however, it will be of something old, something hashed over and rehashed over by better reviewers and writers than me (and worse ones too)…

From Miss Cellania (August 22, 2005):

Welcome to Miss Cellania

I love reading other folk’s blogs, so I’ve been toying with the idea of having my own. I’m a single working mother, so what I REALLY need is another hobby to take up all that spare time. I’m neither a gifted nor a prolific writer (though some may argue with the prolific part), and the everyday events of my life are nothing to write home about. Well, maybe the home folks care, but not the general public. And I KNOW no one cares about my opinions, though I have some. There is no broad field of interest I am an expert in. And I sometimes end a sentence with a preposition. So I will try to keep the personal rambling short, and devote this blog to fun stuff that you may enjoy. Contributions are welcome, so if you come across anything interesting, email me. Let me know if I can use your name.

To start things off, here is one of my favorite music videos. Also Here is a really strange and difficult game. I’ve just started trying to figure it out. So far, I’ve crashed it, burned it, and punctured it. A real time-waster.

Thought for Today- The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.