The Vatican: ‘Criticizing the Pope is an Act of Terrorism’

From the WaPo:

ROME (Reuters) – The Vatican’s official newspaper accused an Italian comedian on Wednesday of “terrorism” for criticizing the Pope and warned his rhetoric could fuel a return to 1970s-style political violence.

In an unusually strongly worded editorial, L’Osservatore Romano said a presenter of a televised May Day rock concert, which is sponsored by Italy’s labor unions, had launched “vile attacks” on Pope Benedict in front of an “excitable crowd.”

“This, too, is terrorism. It’s terrorism to launch attacks on the Church,” it said. “It’s terrorism to stoke blind and irrational rage against someone who always speaks in the name of love, love for life and love for man.”

At the concert, held every year in front of the Saint John in Lateran basilica — Rome’s cathedral where Pope Benedict sits as bishop — one of the presenters, Andrea Rivera, spoke out against the Pontiff’s stand on a number of issues.


  1. totally expected from the same people who equate homosexuality with pedophilia and discount evolution as “heresy”.

  2. The Papacy has eased up on the odd thing up through the years, as secular sense and reason has prevailed throughout our Western societies, while the power of the Church has lessened. And evolution is one of those things.

    Galileo is another: JP2 apologized over that one — or so I thought. What he actually said wasn’t an apology at all, but a hypocritical excuse that tried to lay blame on Galileo as much as the corrupt papacy. He actually referred to it as a “mutual misunderstanding.” Can you fucking believe that?! Their arrogance knows no bounds.

    Their tiny little — and mostly completely insincere and false — admissions of their mistakes completely pales in comparison to the monstrous deeds they have committed up through the years.

    You KNOW that if they still had the same power today, as in their heydays, any altar boy who dared complain about being raped by a priest would end up in Guantanamo Bay.

    Terrorism, my fucking arse.

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