1. People are naturally resistant to changes, and I try not to be. So cool with me.

    But there’s one thing though — the “Search” section on the left — it protrudes into the main section. It seems the “cynical-c.com” text is too long. I’m on Firefox.

  2. That way around makes more sense I think, but I’m still of the opinion that 7 most recent comments is nowhere near enough (especially the last couple of days), and there’s all this space on one side or the other with nothing in it 😉

    It’s down to frequency of visits – for it to be of as much use as possible, it needs to have the top comment from one visit still visible when you come back for the next visit. Then, if you’re using it to ensure you read every comment, you know where you got to and can carry on from there. At the moment that means I have to visit every hour or check manually, and I can’t do either.

    Been playing with the spam filter too? I can’t get anything with a URL through at all, and the ones without are about 50-50.

  3. Schmoo,

    Anything with three or more urls goes to my moderation bin but I don’t think this is the problem for you since I’ve never seen anything from you in there.

    I checked for your comment that you said didn’t post earlier but unfortunately I had about 1500 spam comments in my Akismet folder and had deleted them before I realized you had a comment in there.

    I’ll keep my eyes open to see how many legit emails are being caught by Akismet.

  4. ]the “Search” section on the left — it protrudes into the main section.

    I don’t know if anyone elses screen looks like mine, but in mine that very statement is obscured by the overlapping search window.

    How ironical!

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