1. If I’m not mistaken, at about 14secs we
    see a Bengal Cat, which is a pretty darn
    rare (and VERY expensive) breed. You don’t
    let a cat like that wander around outside.
    I wonder where this is?

  2. }I wouldn’t recognize a Bengal if it bit me, but she wants one.

    Rotsa Ruck. When my wife and I were in the market for a Bengal kitten, we found they were priced right out of sight. We went to see some, though, and OH!, you have no idea what that coat feels like. It’s not your typical cat fur.

    You can also tell a Bengal by the way they slink, er, walk. They sort of have that big-cat shoulder movement.

    We ended up getting an Oriental Shorthair, which is a funny gargoyle looking lanky white cat with odd eyes.

    You’d never guess I am a dog person with a slight cat allergy.

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