The Legacy of Agent Orange

From Slate:

During the Vietnam War, millions of gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed across regions of the country to destroy forest cover used by guerillas. It contained the dangerous dioxin TCCD. On this day in 1984, a $180 million out-of-court settlement was announced in the Agent Orange class-action suit brought by Vietnam veterans, who argued that exposure to AO had caused various cancers, birth defects, and other chronic diseases. The settlement came to government benefits of about $1,500 a month until 1997. Yet many Vietnamese victims who also suffer greatly have received nothing from the United States since the end of the war. Magnum and Slate present images of Vietnam’s victims of Agent Orange.


  1. That’s despicable.
    Yay freedom or whatever it is America does all this for, but the fact that it’s done this for it is disgusting.

    Governments should not have torture chambers in which they cause people’s death in the most gruesome and painful ways imaginable. It’s waste of money. We can spray them with chemicals, drop an atom bomb, and bring the survivors back to Guantanimo.

  2. I’ve seen pictures of kids in Vietnam in orphanges that were born with the ravages of Agent Orange. Some horrifying stuff out of science fiction special affects, except that it is real. Stunted limbs, mis-shapen heads, horrifying brain defects that the kids are still being born with today. I worked with a man in the Air Force that had been exposed. His face was slowly deteriorating, and the kids he had after getting back from Nam had all kinds of problems. The military kept telling him nothing was wrong…bastards…

  3. I know someone who was exposed to that stuff. He is constantly sick and looks like hell almost all of the time. I don’t think that it is any less evil to expose civilians in other countries to this, but I still think it takes a special kind of depraved callousness to expose US troops to it, and then deny that anything is wrong.

    That anyone can consider themselves a patriot, considering this — as well as all the other things that the government has done to its own people — is completely beyond me.

    Someone once said that only little people pay taxes. I dunno about that, but I do know that only little people pay the consequences of its government’s, and of its nation’s actions.

  4. This is the first time I have seen any focus on the damage to actual Vietnamese from this toxin.

    For years in the press, the only victims of Agent Orange have been those poor defenseless soldiers who only wanted to help the world by going to a third world country and burn down their villages.

  5. Agent Orange was used by this government throughout all of Southeast Asia and not just in Vietnam. Unfortunately, it was widely used in the United States also. The level of dioxins in the Agent Rainbows (Orange, Pink, White, Blue, etc.) were higher than what is allowed by law. Reportedly, no level of dioxin was safe to use around humans but they used it anyway. Since the lawsuit in the 80’s the lives of millions of Vietnam Era veterans (those not considered to be “Boots on the Ground”) have been destroyed and this government continues to lie to the American public about it part in clearly an atrocity against mankind in order to save money. This issue in itself will bring this once great country to its knees. I personally, as a Vietnam vet who is currently suffering from a series of illnesses associated with Agent Orange exposure can no longer support anything that this country say or does. We were murdered in Southeast Asia, and no one had the decency to tell us that we were dead.

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